Summer gear you NEED!

By Roos @ Team Unicorn | mei 1, 2017

Yay! The sun finally starts shining again. Time for unicorns all over the world to get out of their dark places and step into the sun. Soak up those rays of light, hit the music, dance the night away, dive into glinstering waters, sip pink cocktails, eat purple doughnuts and throw smiles around like they are for free. Oh wait. Well, you get our point. If you do all of the above, having an epic summer should be a piece of yummy cake that’s topped with cheerful sprinkles. But just to be real sure, we sorted out some stuff that will make your summer even more fun…

Fuck Instagram. Stop the comparing, start the fun. Shoot your own photo’s and just look at the results one week after. These photos will surprise you like crazy
and we bet you’ll list at least one of them, because they reflect a whole lot of fun.

Throw a party on your balcony, in the park, at your rooftop and take this unicorn pinata with you. We bet this is gonna be a very, very fun night!

Everything gets better with a flower crown. Period.

All you do is more fun with a friend. And don’t we love friends that don’t judge, whine or act all grown up? Friends that are always there? The answer is: Yes we love them. And that’s where the stuffed animal comes in. We are a huge fan of this smiling, pink hippo.

Dinner? With a banana candle on you table the evening will be an instant hit! When the cheerful yellow starts glowing and the night gets darker, turn up the music and don’t forget to sing along.

Your beach trip will be so so sweet when you can chill on a doughnut all day. You know it, we know it. Even unicorns know it.

Even if you and you’re friends are just going for coffee, these party hats will cheer up the afternoon. BAM!