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Where to get your milkshakes…

By Roos @ Team Unicorn | Comments: 1 | mei 2, 2017


Don’t we all like a great milkshake? It’s soft, it’s sweet, it has fun colors and. Now wait, do we really need to explain this to you? Nope we probably don’t. Because you, you stunner, you probably get us perfectly! But where to get a perfect milkshake? Let’s sum it up…

  1. Bulls and Dogs – Amsterdam

The hotdogs over here are amazeballs, but don’t be misguided. Keep some room for the preposterous milkshakes. Because those are pretty damn awesome too.

  1. Bubble Maze – Arnhem

Yes, yes, yes! Here they top your milkshake with little hearts in case you want to. So spread the love, drink a shake. We are in lalalalalove already!

  1. Kandy Krush – Diner Rotterdam

This spot is superduper, mega sweet; it is a desert dinner. Now, have you ever? Well, we now have. This place is all pink, which is nice. But the milkshakes themselves will take your breath away! You can choose between a Kinder Bueno shake, a Herhey’s, an Oreo. And. So. On. Did we convince you?

  1. Corner Bakery – Amsterdam

You want cuteness? Go to the Corner Bakery. This place is as girly as it gets. With delicate flowers on the tables and sweet, sweet shakes. The topping is everything at this place. That asks for lots of pictures…

  1. Shakespear – Den Haag

Its FB-page is kinda mysterious, but fact is, that this is the first real shake bar in The Hague. So do you live close-by? Hop on that bike of yours and tell us what you think…

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