A Team Unicorn Tee

By Roos @ Team Unicorn | mei 10, 2017

Why would you get your Team Unicorn t-shirt?

Why would you get your Team Unicorn t-shirt? A cute t-shirt gets your groove on. Right? Right! And in case you don’t want to join the grown-ups yet, but you DO want to join a team that adores sunshine, dancing, glitters, sparkles, fingerpaint, smiles, jumping rope, rainbows and a hint of pink, buy the shirt! It will top of your summer. For sure. Get your tshirt here.

We are Team Unicorn and we are there for anyone who doesn’t want to join the grown-ups yet. Born in Amsterdam, but going everywhere. We resemble sparkles, rainbows, glitters, dances, balloons and laughter. Because all of this makes the world go round. At least, to us it does. 

And that’s exactly why we encourage you to go play outside, visit festivals, dance in the streets, sing out loud and make crazy colorful paintings, if possible with a little glitter in it. Because in our opinion this world is serious enough already. So just challenge your inner Peter Pan, unicorn, kid or whatever you like to call it. Our glitzy INSTA-PICS and fuzzy BLOG-STORIES might help you a little to do so.

TEAM UNICORN is for anyone who

can’t get used to working 5 days a week..
wants to have pizza night, every night…
is avoiding grown-up obligations…
is looking for more sparkles and glitters…!