In  week 3

Born in Amsterdam

By Roos @ Team Unicorn | juni 6, 2017

‘Born in Amsterdam, going everywhere.’

That’s our Team Unicorn world domination slogan. And let us be clear: We lalalalalove Amsterdam; the city of pink skies, boatparties, party people and bicycle adoration. But… The world doesn’t end at ‘De Ring’. That’s something we’re very aware of and we think it’s important to share that vision with you. Because rainbows don’t stop at any border either. And unicorns jump over borders faster than you can say glitterpoop (say it ten times very fast, bet you’re gonna laugh?!). So here’s to everybody out there who loves to dance in the rain, who’s very competitive at pillow-fights, who likes to eat pizza for breakfast, who preferably colors it’s life with pink, purple, minty green and baby blue: Join our team! From Tokyo to New York and from Maastricht to Amsterdam: We love all of our Team Unicorn members. The only border we won’t cross, is the border to Boring-City. We really don’t like to go there…
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