t-shirts available now!

By Roos @ Team Unicorn | juni 9, 2017

The t-shirts are here!

Our sweet Team Unicorn t-shirts are available now. Team Unicorn is for anyone who doesn’t want to join the grown-ups yet. Or at least, not all the time. When you purchase one of our t-shirts you are an official member of the most sparkly team around the block.

We’ve been working very, very hard on our super cute Team Unicorn tees. And as of now, you can finally have one or two of them (two, of course you’ll pick both) hanging in your closet. That asks for a big fat hurray! So here it is: Hurray! The t-shirt is the best outfit for a hot summers’ day, or a crazy music festival. Run around the streets downtown and shout it out: you are part of Team Unicorn!

Want to make sure that you have your tee for a small discount? The first 100 orders are only €29,99 in stead of €32,99. High five to that! Please check our terms. 

Oh and in case you want to stay inspired, happy and extra sparkly while waiting; you can follow us on Instagram, you know? We try to take #sharingiscaring to the next level… Please tell us if you think we succeed.

xoxo Team Unicorn

TEAM UNICORN is for anyone who

is still getting used to working 5 days a week..
wants to have pizza night, every night…
is avoiding grown-up obligations…
is looking for more sparkles and glitters…!