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Festival t-shirt?! Festival t-shirt!

By Roos @ Team Unicorn | juni 29, 2017

The most fun festivals of July 2017

Team Unicorn <3 festivals. We really really do. Of course we do. Because: What’s not to like about playing outside all day? Preferably in our oh so cute t-shirt of course. This kick-ass summer literally just got started and that makes this a great moment to share with you our fave and crazy cool outdoor partays that are coming up. Our enthusiasm is getting big, bigger, biggest about those cheerful summer weekends! Boy, are we looking forward to dancing all day, eating icecream, singing out loud and putting our hands of in the air all day long. Bring on the glitters, colorful lights, playful decorations and kick-ass music! We bet you feel exactly the same about this. So check out our festival faves and dance the day and night away at these events this summer. And do so together with us. Read along lalalalovelies!

  1. A Day At The Park

Well, the first festival that we really, really, really need to talk about, is A Day At The Park! Why? Because. Ok, let’s not be that childish. We really got some good reasons. Most of all: These peeps sure know how to throw an utmost fun party. Hear us out: There will be a carousel which takes you up in the air (hur-freakin-ray), balloon artist Micha de Haan will make your eyes pop-out with his mindblowing balloon installation anddddd (our favorite part!) there will be karaoke. Oh boy, can you not only dance your heart out, you can scream and shout and sing it out loud aswell. BAM! Of course there’s much more, but please check out the website or that. Oh. And now we’re almost forgetting the whole DJ thing #oops It happens to us all the time. We’re sometimes too busy playing outside #tralalaaa. But nevertheless, are you ready to put your hands up for Melon, Kriss Kross Amsterdam and La Fuente (of course you are!) then make sure to move your ass over to A Day At The Park on the 15th of Juli. A Day At The Park is almost sold out. Regular tickets are available until the 1st of July 12:00. So move your handsom ass over to

  1. Edelwise

Yes, yes, yes! When we enter their website we see pink, purple and blue. And when you check out our shirts, you’ll see that those our colors we really, really like. Jup we do. But even more so we like people to be silly, childish and enthusiastic. And that is what the peeps from Edelwise are! The DJ’s go from Ome Ad (love this name) to Olivier Weiter. And at Edelwise you can do things like ‘Uit je stekkie met planten en bloemen’, join the ‘Marriage marathon’ and hit the ‘Flower power shower’. Sound like a whole lot of love, color and happiness to us. Exactly what we like. So get your dancing shoes on, hop on your bike and make sure you join Edelwise at the 29th of juli in Rembrandtpark.

  1. Georgies Wundergarten

Oh boy do we love this festival. It’s very free, kind, loving and open to each and every one that bothers to go there. On Sunday there will even be this event on which refugees will be hooked up with a buddy. Let’s have fun together seems to be the idea. And that’s not a bad idea at all. Let’s be honest J At Saturday you’ll find acts from Hutje Mutje to De Magische luchtbus and expect lots of oldskool craftiness when it comes down to decorations.

  1. Welcome to the future

We are really very nostalgic. For example: We really love Barbies, My Little Pony, blowing bubbles and more stuff that you probably also had/did once. Probably under the age of 12. But let’s be clear: That doesn’t mean we don’t love the future. Especially one we’re welcomed right in to. Welcome to the future is one of our fave festivals every summer again and here’s why: Dave Clark, Tom Trago and Seth Troxler (helloooooo! #yay #loveit) but also: the colorful poster just rocks. And this we find nice as well: All the food is organic. So you can get a world loving pizza, waffle, smoothie and so on. Oh and the consciousness doesn’t stop at the food. The decoration is made out of recyclable material too! Hop on your green bike and go there the 22nd of July.

  1. Milkshake

You can be YOU at Milkshake. The most crazy, pretty, shining, happy, gay, straight, bisexual, whatever YOU that you actually really are. Now, doesn’t that make you smile?  Not much else needs to be said about this festival else then that we are very proud that this openminded crazy cool party takes place in our very own capital. Not sure if this is for you? There’s FAQ as well as a Milkshake-dictionary on their website. So feel free to check it out. Might make you feel like you’re a little better prepared for what’s coming. Which isn’t really necessary. It’s just there in case it makes you feel better. But one way or the other: You’re gonna LOVE Milksh-sh-sh-shake. 22nd of July in Westerpark.

  1. Vunzige Deuntjes

You like some rapping? Some shaking your ass, maybe even some twerking here and there? You like acting like a ghetto kid, you like singing along, forgetting about the world and just letting it all go? Then head over to Vunzige Deuntjes . It’s the festival where you’ll find Ronnie Flex, De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig, Sef and many more. Be prepared for some out of this world dancing, one big mess, lots of smiles, laughters and dance moves. Oh we already referred to the moves? Well, that’s because you’re really gonna need ‘em. Have funzerssss (jup, we really just typed that).