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Our Fav Bloggers

By Roos @ Team Unicorn | juli 25, 2017

These stunners know how to sparkle

Bloggers. Wowsa. Those people seem to live THE life. Of course that’s not always true. We know that. Of course we do, silly. But boy, does it look good from the outside! Sometimes we just like to dream away a little. But to be honest we’re not a huge fan of the super posers. Nope, that’s not really our thing. Who we do love to follow? Those gurls (we’d also love to follow those kind of boys but haven’t found them yet.. So if you have any suggestions, please let us know) that add some fun, attitude and sweetness to our timeline! Are you a bit jelly of their looks? Get your own t-shirt here.

Nathalie Kemna

Uhhh. Hello mega beauty! This kid has looks that make rainbows fade. Also nice: she loves surfing, has a green hart and a smile that makes us smile time and time again. Oh Uhm. And a handsome boyfriend. Also nice to watch…

nathalie team unicorn t-shirt amsterdam

Ik vrouw van jou

Yehes! This is an Insta account from two pretty lesbians. Correction: Two cute ladies that love each other like nothing else in this world. And that is so, so sweet to see! Their vlogs are funny and honest and we actually think they should translate them so that the rest of the world can enjoy them too…

team unicorn t-shirt amsterdam

Freckles In Style

This girl is real. And that’s what we love. Her pictures aren’t always picture perfect, but that makes them even more pretty. At least, to us it does. Another reason why we love her: her art!!! This girls draws and paints with all of her heart. And we can’t get enough of it.  

team unicorn t-shirt amsterdam

Gabrielle Koster

One of the sweetest puppets of the net. This girl is honest, mindful and kind to the world. Exactly as we like it.. 

team unicorn t-shirt amsterdam

Eva van der Mei 

Maybe not a real blogger, but damn is this a cool kid! Eva is a true PR wizard, has a golden smile and a kick ass boyfriend. She knows her sarcasm and we love her insta stories! 

t-shirt team unicorn amsterdam

Stephanie x Helena

Jup, this kiddo is sometime soon having a tiny little Unicorn of her own. For real: She’s pregnant and she is so in the most glowy, sparkling way possible. Which we love. Obviouslt! She is playful, funny and knows her fashion. And since Team Unicorn is for anyone who doesn’t WANT to join the grown-ups yet (even if you do show some kinda grown-up behaviour) we think this stunner is a perfect Team Unicorn team member.

t-shirt team unicorn amsterdam

Jolie Lot

Attitude gets a new meaning when you look at Marlot. Wow, does this girl know how to put up her tough-cookie-face. Besides that style is like Marlot’s middle name. The one day she rocks her Doc Martens, then she’s super sexy in a bathingsuit that makes you blush and another day she looks playful in a Team Unicorn tee! We lalalalove it!

Team Unicorn t-shirt Amsterdam blogger

 Amanda van Effrink

This glitzie can easily be called the Unicorn queen. Never ever ever is she tired of glitters, pink, feathers, mermaid accessories or unicorns. She doesn’t care about normal. She cares about fun. And that’s how we like it.