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Match Your T-Shirt

By Roos @ Team Unicorn | augustus 17, 2017

How to best match your Team Unicorn t-shirt

With a cutie t-shirt like one of ours, you actually have to work really hard NOT to look good. It is a white organic basic, but with sparkles and happiness on top. As we want to inspire you to work your t-shirt to the max, we lined up some combos for every type of weather and occasion. Wear your tee to work, to a tea party, to your best friend’s wedding or to a festival: the possibilities are endless! Already curious for our t-shirts? Click here to get to our shop.

Wear that cutie to WORK

Nowadays we are allowed to leave our tenue-de-ville in our walk-in closet, and wear a hip attire to work – cheers to that! Employers encourage individuality and it is common that you are absolutely free to choose the way you dress. So there it is: Team Unicorn and ‘smart casual’. Get your neat (but modern) dark blue pantalon and choose TEE ONE to casually finish it off. A blazer could also fit the look when you want to wear your unicorn t-shirt as a little secret. Result: an outfit that shouts power(wo)man, but with great sense of humour.

team unicorn t-shirt amsterdam

Credits: Just The Design


This is the best occasion to outshine your friends and show your family what the latest fashion is. A good opportunity to take TEE TWO out on the town. Make a statement by combining the wild print on the back with for example a romantic skirt from tule. For the guys, look for that contrast by wearing comfy (ripped) jeans to match the t-shirt.

team unicorn t-shirt amsterdam

Doing GROCERIES in style

Late Sunday morning groceries shopping is only complete with a relaxed outfit matched with TEE ONE. The white basic loose fit (with our happy unicorn on the front) will get you galloping through the supermarket. Don’t forget our cute totebag to get the whole thing going. The guys can combine their laid-back jogging pants, and the girls can match their funky flared pants. Don’t forget to tuck in the t-shirt for that straight-out-of-bed-but-still-looking-fash look.

team unicorn amsterdam t-shirt

Credits: Jolielot (Marlot Willems)

Fly high on a summer FESTIVAL

Here it goes: TEE TWO and short jeans shorts. Show off those legs and make the t-shirt represent your inner-child! Never growing up! High-waist jeans shorts work best for the girls, and the guys would want to put on their washed denim shorts. Make sure you get yourself a cool drink, some earplugs and position yourself in front of the DJ (#linksvooraan). A party vibe is guaranteed! For the best festivals in August click here.

team unicorn t-shirt amsterdam

Credits: Nathalie Kemna