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Spreading Sparkles around the world

By Roos @ Team Unicorn | augustus 28, 2017

Old Fashioned Mail is IT baby

Are we the only ones who get overexcited when we find REAL postal mail in our mailbox? In a digital era don’t we long for the physical aspects of life? Opening a fresh envelop with your name written on it in pen, brings back the romance of communication. And with romance comes sparkles, glitter and actual lipstick kisses on paper. Good news: Team Unicorn specially designed sparkly postcards for you to send around the world. The only thing you need is a stamp… and some motivation:

Choose from hundreds of cool postcards

There are unlimited possibilities when it comes to postcards. Take a 10-minute break from your busy day-to-day schedule to stop at a kiosk and check out the racks of supercosy postcards. There are ones with Helmut Newton polaroids, Hello Kitty cartoons, pretty old ladies, handsome muscular men, musical birthday wishes, and so on! You don’t have to look around though – get your unique 6-pack of Team Unicorn postcards in our webshop.

post cards team unicorn amsterdam

Practise your calligraphy skills

OK, when was the last time you seriously used your handwriting skills? Uhm… well… exactly! Get out your most shiny pen and write your card in gracious calligraphy. Make it a challenge to write all the separate words in one go (#aanelkaarschrijven). Want to go to the next level? Try to use pen and ink – watch out you don’t stain your Team Unicorn t-shirt!

Team Unicorn Mail

Spray your signature perfume on your letter

Ahw… this reminds us of Romeo and Juliet. Or well, in our imagination Juliet sprayed her perfume on the love letters she wrote to Romeo. It is a worthy addition that modern technology can never top. For long-distance relationships, for short-distance relationships, or even when you are living in the same house: perfume has powers! Make sure your letter is drenched in your scent to stimulate the brain of your lover. Don’t overdo it though, your message should stay readable ;). Make your lover remember those long summer nights… success guaranteed!

Team Unicorn Mail

Lipstick kisses on paper

After perfume comes lipstick. Even when you are not a diehard lipstick user, it is exciting to leave a print of your own lips on paper. Makes the letter even more YOU. Oh yes, and it is a good excuse to buy that superexpensive new Dior/Chanel/MAC lipstick in dark red.

team unicorn mail

Put some glitter in the envelop

And again something that will never be possible via e-mail: sending REAL GLITTER. Omg how amazing is this? Think of any glitter: big stars, small flakes, shiny beads, fluor hearts… anything is possible! Just glue your decoration to the postcard, or put a bunch in the envelop. Especially the really small glitter is the most fun. The receiver has his/her house full of sparkles for days (make sure you follow up on the cleaning =P ).

Team Unicorn Mail with Glitter

Licking an envelop

Those were the days… in a weird way the glue always tasted so good. Sounds strange – but it did! The last step in sending a postcard (after calligraphy, your signature perfume, and adding some glitter) is licking the edges of the envelop. You have to admit this makes the postcard ceremony complete. (Alright, if you’d rather not send your DNA via mail and save your body from a rather toxic fluid, try using a splash of water instead).

Team Unicorn Mail

There you have it: your motivation to write your personal postcards! Get your 6-pack of happy unicorn cards in our webshop. Go spread your own sparkles!